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Leela's Gift

High in the Himalayas, Leela, a New Yorker, unexpectedly undertakes a terrifying yet ultimately enlightening spiritual journey. In Darjeeling, at Maharishi’s ashram, under the sure guidance of the yogi master, she reaches her great realization. On her return to New York she struggles to share the secret teachings of her vision. Order the book here.

Inside Apartheid

"Apartheid is profoundly deeply unjust; it is corrupt and corrupting; it compromises humanity; it makes life lived within its all-encompssing web a liaison with complicity and contradiction. What does one do if one is a white liberal? I spent my life in South Africa trying to answer that question, living out my defiance." --from the Prologue

Know Your Parenting Personality

Establish stronger connections with your child
Eliminate self-defeating behavior patterns
Gain self-awareness and identify your parenting strengths
Support the flowering of your child's personality